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Today I’m reviewing Chapter 2 Our Unseen Guides The Second Miracle of Life of Napoleon Hill’s Book “You can work your own Miracles”.

Napoleon Hill explains that there are unseen guides that are at our service our entire lives. “I treat my Eight Guiding Princess as though they were real people whose entire services are at my command throughout…”

The eight guiding princes are:
1 – Prince of Financial Prosperity. This guide’s purpose is to keep you adequately supplied with every material thing which you desire.

2 – Prince of Sound Physical Health. This guide’s purpose is to keep you in top physical condition at all times.

3 – Prince of Peace of Mind.

4 – Prince of Hope.

5 – Prince of Faith. Note: According to Napoleon Hill numbers 4 and 5 are operating as twins.

6 – Prince of Love.

7 – Prince of Romance. Note: Numbers 6 and 7 are operating as twins.

8 – Prince of Overall Wisdom. “the Prince of Overall Wisdom inspires eternal action on the part of the other seven Princes to the end that each carries out his duties to the fullest extent possible.”

Each Prince has a purpose and I wanted to touch on each and let you explore each in your own life. Spend more time cultivating each for your own life and watch it change your life for the better.

How exactly do we tap these resources and use them to become happy and successful in our lives? Come back next week as we explore this in more depth.
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