Book Review “The Dip, A Little Book That Teach You When To Quit (And When To Stick) “by Seth Godin| Successful

Book Review “The Dip, A Little Book That Teach You When To Quit (And When To Stick)” by Seth Godin

Although I’m currently reading “The Master Key System”, that book is to be read once a week. In the meantime I grabbed this short book (76 pages) by Seth Godin (master marketer). If anyone knows Seth let him know I’d like to do a video interview with him for my success series.

This book is a perfect 1 to 2 day book that will give you clear insight in to knowing when to stick to something and when to quit something. In true importance fashion the main idea is to focus your time and attention on the things that will make you a market leader. To be the best, well because the numbers are skewed in favor for number 1. As an internet marketing professional, the number of clicks that position 1 in Google search engine results gets compared to 2, 3 is 80% with the rest of the clicks divided by the other results.
The other main topic in the book describes a “dip”, or the part of the overall success process that typically is a slump or stagnant point of a curve that we are on whenever we do anything. That is the point of the process or journey or transformation when we need to hang tight. Though, during this time most people quit whatever they are working on. People quit for many reasons, but super stars stick it out, thus making them super stars in the process. I’ve learned that when you train in something you hit plateaus when you don’t feel like you are learning something. This essentially is the “dip” he is describing in the book.

Bottom-line, get the book, read it, learn it, apply it.

I’m Luke Heights, and as always, live happy and successful my friends.

The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick)
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