Here are some of the testimonials from some of the people I have had the pleasure of working with.

“You inspire me. I admire you.”
– Lissette B., Oil & Gas

“You are a free spirit and you don’t care what others think of you.”
– Christina M., Nurse

“You’ve helped me reflect on the life I was living. Helped me find areas I wanted to change, and guided me on effectively understanding how to change and finally helping me make lasting changes, into the life I now live. I admire you. I look up to you.”
– Gabriela E., Customer Service Rep.

“You have changed my life 100% and I am truly grateful. You have helped me to stop smoking, get back into school, and realize that I can do and be anything I want. I am so thankful that you came into my life and you are a true blessing.”
– Gladys D., Online Internet Marketing

“What can I say, You’re the man.”
– Siddharth P., Computer Engineer, Oil and Gas

“If you have a goal, Luke can design a clear, strategic plan to move you towards success. His advice is powerful and guidance is genuine. He was instrumental in assisting me with starting my own non-profit organization. With his positive outlook and motivation, I have been able to make my dreams come true.”
– Cynthia O., Higher Education

“Thank you for your help with my website. You have a talent for the internet. “
– Dominique R., Business Owner

“Luke, God has made you perfect in his sight, he knew you before you were born, he loved you before you existed, he made you with a great potential, seek his presence & taste that the Lord is good. He can do wonders with you. Finally, I think you are wonderful, awesome, the most extraordinary man I have ever met, I actually find it impossible to find another you.”
-Mayra R., ICU Nurse

“You have helped my business with your technical skills.”
-Eddy S., Bar Owner

“For as long as I’ve known you, you have had the business mind-set.”
-AJ, C.E.O AJ Electrical

“Best mentor ever!”
– Ana T., Advertising Major, University of Houston

“Using your systems and processes I accomplished my goals in 2 weeks flat.”
– Demetric B., Sales

“I have brand new outlook to life and it’s because of you! Yes…you! Thank you for helping me see the beauty behind hard work, determination and keeping and staying true to dreams because they can become a reality”
– Melissa V, Property Manager

“You have the vision, leadership and project management skills I want on my team.”
– Chris C.

“When I saw your video about livehappyandsuccessful. That video hit me like nothing ever had. Your words were a uplift to my spirit. It made me look at my situation. It made me more aware, I started to grow in different parts of my life. I began to seek God more.I started to attend church, bible study, leadership classes. I started to meditate. I became more courageous to fight for my children. I fired 3 attorneys. Then, with God’s help I was able to represent myself in court. I finished my own divorce. Again with God’s help I was able to get my own place. Even though it is a rental house, I call it home. I am working on my credit and have set some goals in order to achieve the dream of owning my own home. Your words, postings and pictures were a life saving experience for me. I really want to thank you for the link you sent out in /2011. The picture where you are holding a baby shark was one of the few pictures that helped me. You climbing, riding in the critical mass, meditating was what save me from the drowning sea. That’s why I am so grateful to God for giving you to me. To you it was only a pic about fishing but to me it was what saved me. Thank you Luke for allowing me in your life.”
– Margaret R., Survivor