Share Your Goal Progress – The Science and Practice of Yoga

This is week 5 for me in the YOGA course and my journal entry is about sharing my progress with my goals. I have some mixed feeling on this, but overall I’m generally happy with the results:

  • I’ve continued to practice stretching and new YOGA poses each morning.
  • I’m excited to learn new poses and add the ones I really like to my stretches.
  • I’ve also continued to meditate every morning. This is done separately from my stretching, sitting still, for 20-40 minutes. I believe and feel that this practice has made a huge difference in who I am and what I am becoming as a person.
  • Now for the mixed feelings:

  • I had company last week and then had the Thanksgiving holidays so during this time, I didn’t practice as focused as I usually do.
  • Since YOGA and meditation is fairly new for me, it isn’t easy and I think I made excuses not to practice.
  • Not completing my goals each day made me feel down.
  • Again, overall I feel great and really feel that this is benefiting me greatly.

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