“Discipline (Motivational Speech)” -Fearless Motivation

“Life can be brutal
Life can be unforgiving.
If i had to sum it up in 1 word the difference between the greats and the average.
The difference between the successful and the nobodies of the world.
1 word.
1 attribute to describe the difference…
If you don’t have the discipline
You can forget about the…”
“Discipline (Motivational Speech)”
-Fearless Motivation
You’ll have to search and read or listen to the rest yourself. I have it on my play list that I use when I work out. For me this speeches reaches into every part of my life. Although I’m not perfect, I wanted to share this with you. I decided to write today because I have 2 new mentees and I’m waiting to hear back from them on some assignments I’ve given them. I’m smiling right now because I’m putting them to work, to make them as successful as they want to be. God willing I will be able to share this post with them. Want to know what your breaking point? Then break. Recover, push, enjoy life. I want them to learn that they will get out what they put in.

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