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The Mastery of Poverty The Fifth Miracle of Life

Welcome back and thanks for following along with me on this journey into the book “You can work your own miracles” by Napoleon Hill. This book is about success and is very inspirational.

This week we cover the mastery of poverty. “Poverty is the result of a negative condition of the mind…the most disastrous of the seven fears, but is is only a state of mind, and like the other six fears, it is subject to the control of the individual.” (pg72) This opening statement is very powerful and reinforces what I’ve heard in the past. Based on what you are thinking in your mind and the outward attitude you maintain have more to do with poverty and the state of your life than you can imagine.

Most people never truly believe they can master poverty, and some people say they believe, but don’t practice the power of thoughts correctly. Sometime, people subconsciously don’t believe they are destined for more.

“Both poverty and riches consist in a state of mind! They follow precisely the pattern the individual creates and visualizes by the dominating thoughts he expresses. Thoughts of poverty attract their material counterpart. Thoughts of riches likewise attract their material counterpart.”

If you have read my success manifest then you know that I live by believing into having.

I continually adjust my thoughts to help me bring into my life the things I truly want. Try this, for the next 30 days, hold a thought of something you want. If this is new to you I suggest you start with something small and watch what happens.

The chapter continues and explains further the twelve great riches of life. Get your own copy and read along.

Until next time, live happy and successful

Here is a link to purchase your own copy of this book.

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