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Growth Through Struggle The Fourth Miracle of Life

Welcome back to more summaries about success and working your own miracles. In this chapter we explore the necessity for struggle for growth.

“The necessity for struggle is one of the clever devices through which nature forces individuals to expand, develop, progress, and become strong through resistance.” (pg66)

I wasn’t exactly sure where this was going considering we live in a society trying to avoid all struggle and we tend to take the easy way out.

“Mastery of ignorance calls for struggle.” (pg66) Who so I thought as I read this.

I continued to read when I came across this next thought, “Struggle keeps man from going to sleep with self-satisfaction or laziness…” (pg67) “True”, I thought when you struggle in things you have to come out of your comfort zone to produce results.

Then with this thought I finally came to the realization of the purpose of struggle. “Strength, both physical and spiritual, is the product of struggle!” (pg67)

I finally understood, because the word strength resonated with all my days spent in the gym. You see, it is a well known fact amongst body builders that in order to build muscle you must make the muscle work to a degree outside of normal work. You here body builders say, “shock the muscle”. Only through struggle will your muscle break down, repair, and build true strength.

I’ve learned to take any struggle that I have as an opportunity for me to work on myself through the struggle, reflecting, and then growing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this and come back next week for more.

Until then, live happy and successful

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