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The Universal Language of Pain The Third Miracle of Life

This chapter was a sort of mystery to me. To think, “How does pain come into play when creating our own miracles. What can pain possible have to do with it?”

“…mother nature speaks to every creature on earth, and it is understood and respected by all.” (p51)
It is a language we all understand and respect. Most of the time we want to stay far away from pain and in this chapter goes on to explain why we should be in tune with pain.

“When nature hospitalizes an individual…she takes him out of action…for self-restoration purposes.” I’d have to admit that in today’s society we don’t see it this way. More than likely we think that being sick is a hindrance to our busy lives. We get angry with ourselves for falling ill.

Napoleon Hill explains that we should be grateful that mother nature is taking the time to heal us and to congratulate others on having time to heal when they get sick. Imagine that, “Hey congrats on getting sick and taking the time to get better!”.

The book asks that we take a positive attitude toward physical ailments, to observe how our mental attitude serves to remove the pain and illness.

After reading this I finally understood the purpose of this universal language. That like ” the truly great people, the leaders in their chosen fields of endeavor,…mastered the fear of both physical and mental pain” (p54) , we must master that fear as well.

There is much more to gather from the chapter, but I want to leave you with what I believe is the most important part of this chapter.

“…there is a direct and significant relationship between the mastery of fear of physical and mental pain and the achievement of personal success in one’s calling.” (p55)

Come back next week as we explore this more.
Until then, Live Happy and Successful,

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