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You can work your own miracles – Napoleon Hill

Throughout my life I’ve heard about miracles happening or needing a miracle to make something happen. I don’t remember when I learned what a miracle actually is, where they come from or even being able to make them happen.
According to the online dictionary a miracle is “an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause . ”
Cool, we all love stuff that can’t be explained that works in our favor. Sci-Fi, super natural, spiritual all amazing to me.

I’m reading “You can work your own miracles” by Napoleon Hill. I came across this book in a box that I was moving out of the house. The book has some wear, but Napoleon Hill wrote my all-time favorite book, “Think and Grow Rich”.

Chapter 1 “Everyone Can Perform “Miracles” talks about the the “remedy” or first steps you need to take to change anything happening in your life. “The first step one must take in applying this remedy is to refuse to accept as inevitable any circumstance one does not desire…” (p7) When I work with you for some amount of time I take note to see if you use the words “I can’t”. I will slowly get you to exchange those words with “how can I” when you run into a challenge. I explain that if you say you can’t then, I will believe you and move on. BUT if instead you say “how can I”, then I turn to help you finding a solution. You see, there is usually a solution or work around to any problem you might be facing, and I have you focus on how to overcome those challenges.

This is tied in to the mental attitude, “Your mental attitude is the major factor which attracts people to you in a spirit of friendliness, or repels them,..Mental attitude is a determining factor-perhaps the most important factor – as to what results on gets from prayer.” (p9) If you’ve been to a few business offices you’ve might have seen the motivation poster or plaque that has a speech about mental attitude. Maybe there is some truth to this? I suggest the exercise of controlling your mental attitude along with focus on your goals to see how your life changes. I promise that it will be a positive experience!
Okay, you’re up for the challenge and ready to give it a try. Here are a few steps for controlling your mental attitude.
1 “By a BURNING DESIRE for the attainment of a definite purpose based upon one or more of the nine basic motives which activate all human endeavor.” (List of the nine basic motives coming soon!)
2 “By conditioning the mind to automatically choose and carry out definite positive objectives…keep the mind busily engaged with positive objectives.”
3 “By close association with people who inspire active engagement in positive purposes, and refusal to be influenced by negative-minded people.”
4 “By auto-suggestion through which the mind is constantly given positive directives until it attracts only that for which these directives call.”
5 “By a profound recognition, through its adoption and use, of individuals’ exclusive privilege of controlling and directing his own mind.”
There is one more step, but I’ll let you read that one on your own. I know there is some work in their application, but that will be a part of the fun. Learning and growing is what this blog is all about.

Stay tuned as I read on into Chapter 2.

Live Happy and Successful,

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