Vail Colorado Trip Day 1 | September 2011 | by Luke

It was a last minute trip, the stars in the sky aligned and the date was set. My friend Bones (Neils) extended the invite to visit his home in Vail Colorado.

I’d been to Colorado before, but never to Vail. It’s the off season there and I didn’t know what to expect. I did however know that I would be in for a get-a-way from work. A much needed escape.

I checked the weather and the forecast wasn’t pretty. Cold and rainy was the 5 day forecast. I was hoping the weather men in Colorado were as good as the ones in my hometown 😉

I packed for cold weather, headed to the airport and nervously boarded my flight. I was happier when I touched down and was off in the Audi to Vail. Up and down the mountain roads we went, excited about the view, the possibilities, and the drive.

We got to the house late and went straight to bed.  This is what I awoke to.

Vail, Colorado | September 2011 | Live Happy And Successful
Vail, Colorado | September 2011 | Live Happy And Successful
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