Being happy & successful by Mayra R. – Part 3 of 3

Why do we get depressed? ….The darkness in this world, the enemy knows exactly how to destroy God’s creation. He begins by putting thoughts into our heads little by little & when you least expected..BOOM! he destroys us, our families, our finances, takes away our joy, our peace, stills from us our dreams & everything opposite of what God wants to give us. God comes to heal, restore, & give us back everything the enemy has taken away. I have realized one thing, if we just did what God tells us to do or if we just asked God for guidance in our life, we would save ourselves a lot of trouble. This world is not getting any better, we have allowed the enemy to take over our territory & it keeps spreading all over the phase of the Earth, people killing each other, selling drugs to make money, etc……And this is our fault “we the Church” including myself are to busy to fight for our families by praying before God for our families, government, our system. We tend to say “I’m good as long as it doesn’t affect me” “let’s do what make us happy at his moment” The reality of it is, yes it affects us, our families, our children; The consequences of our acts come later. I remember a lady a couple of years ago who was struggling with gambling, she would spend all her money gambling & when it was time to pay the rent she would ask people to let her borrow money, she would cry around because it was affecting her marriage. See when she was gambling, she was having fun, maybe lots of it, but the consequences came later. Now you see where I’m getting when I say what is true success….How does God define true success?
The Bible says that the beginning Wisdom begins with knowing God. The Bible also says that there are two types of men. One whom God gives riches & allows him to enjoy them & the other who has riches & God does not allow him to enjoy them.
The Bible says:
“ But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful.” Ecclesiastes 3:12
God delights in the praises of his people, he desires a people who rejoices in Him, who worships him in the mists of any situation, & when we are tired & we lift up our hands towards heaven & He renews our strength like the eagles, When we feel discouraged he lifts us up (read the book of Psalms); God is so real , but unfortunately we think he is to far because we don’t see him, but he is right there just waiting on men to call upon him & he will answer them.

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