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“Life is short, make the most of it.” – Treion Muller

In this video success story I had the honor of interviewing Treion Muller, the current Chief eLearning Architect for Franklin Covey, business book author, national presenter, and social media expert. This is just an amazing interview and as you listen carefully you will hear wisdom that transcends time. As you move down the road to success you will start to relate more and more to our conversation. The experiences and advice we talk about we ring so true for your journey. Below are some exerts of the conversation, a video, and audio podcast link, the link to Treion’s website and a link to purchase his book. If you use the link below to purchase his book, I will get a small affiliate fee which goes towards keeping the site up running and being able to provide you with more awesome success and happiness content.

Happiness is finding your voice inside, finding what you love to do, your passion. Happiness is what makes you get up in the morning. Success is always progressing, always knowing what you want to become and always working towards that. It also means always working on being a better person in life and in your career of choice. Success is someone that is driven to work towards something that makes them happy. Once I found my passion and started to take action on that passion I started to realize more and more successes in my life.

Some advice Treion gives is that you should never settle. You have to measure success and happiness by what passions you have in your life and how well you are following them. Always reach further, try harder, take a risk and take a chance. You might have to give up a good thing, but do it for something better. Be a father, be a parent. You don’t need to be perfect, but work at it. If you make a mistake say “I’m sorry”. Be willing to admit your faults to your children. Life is too short to live it with pride and control other people.

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Video: Person Success Stories #2 | Treion Muller

Person Success Stories #2 | Treion Muller

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  • I’m speechless! The interview touched familiar topics i believe most individuals and parents out there have found themselves analyzing, “am i on the right track?”, “what can i do to be a better parent for my children?” Thank you for sharing your daily success’ and for allowing others to follow your journey. You are appreciated!

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