Scavenger hunt 2011| Live Happy

What is a Scavenger hunt you might ask?

According to it is defined as: “A scavenger hunt is a game in which individuals or teams seek to gather a number of specific items — usually without purchasing them — or perform tasks or take photographs as specified by a list…”

You can do the same type of search using this google search bar below. Just type in define:Scavenger hunt and “wala” like magic you get the answer.

How do I DEFINE IT? fun, Fun, FUN! Especially when there is prizes at the end. There is no limit to the amount of questions, tasks, or items that need to be collected.

The current one I’m playing is with some friends I work with and I’m gonna win if I can score 2 tickets to the rodeo cook off. Fat chance! Everyone wants those tickets.

Hit me up if you are interested in learning more and possibly having a HUGE Scavenger hunt with other friends.

“Ok, then, bye, bye now” – Ace Venture (Pet Detective)

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