Episode 3 | “Mountain Speedsters” Day3| Vail Colorado | how can i live happy

Episode 3 – “Mountain Speedsters”
Down down the mountain we go, as fast as we can,
will we fall,
nobody knows?
Mamba trail, Lions head, blacks and blues.
Put on your helmet,
drink a cup of courage,
and ride like you have nothing to lose.
Watch Luke (live happy), D, and Bones as they blaze down the mountains of Vail Colorado on their tricked out mountain bikes. It is off season in Vail Colorado and perfect time for biking down the steep valleys and trails. Watch out for the big rocks and fast dips on the side of trails as you go fast down the mountain. We rented top of the line mountain bikes at the bike shop in Vail to take the journey downt the mountain. We used safety gear to and Bones fell on his head. Keep up if you can and see you at the bottom…
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Enjoy this video, share your comments, share it to your friends. Next Episode 4 – “Oktober Fest and Bratwurst”

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