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Thinking about traveling to the United Kingdom?  I’d recommend you look into the Caravan Club and Touring Caravan Insurance at

You see, my buddy was recently in a vehicle accident in a rent a car.  He fell asleep at the wheel and wrecked on the highway.  After the ambulance ride and hospital stay he had the peace of mind of knowing that everything was taken care of because he purchased insurance before his trip.

Caravan Club is currently celebrating 40 years of excellent service.  They offer a wide variety of high-quality insurance coverage, as you tour around the country side.  They have refined the services they offer to be uniquely designed for you in mind.

Some of the insurance types they provide include motorhome insurance, overseas holiday insurance, car insurance, home insurance, caravan insurance, mayday UK breakdown and Recovery insurance, and pet insurance.

Check out their user friendly website for details to find and review the coverage that is right for you.  If you find that you need that specialized care, pick up the phone, and call on their friendly and knowledgeable staff to make finding the right insurance a breeze.  They are ready to guide you through each step of the way.

They even have an “Expert Advice” column that gives you a great introduction into the world of buying and owning a towcar.  They provide an unbiased review on towcars and give you an opportunity to take an unbelievably amazing training course to learn how to drive you towcar!

Start your trip today and remember Caravan Club is on your side.

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