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I was reviewing my blog posts and noticed I never finished this one! FYI – I’m still wearing the wrist band they gave me at the event. (Update – 7/27/20011 – Tatiana pulled off all the wrist bands.)

What I remember from Day 2 of the event was waking up extra early about 4am to get ready for the ride. Not to mention someone’s phone kept ringing in the tent! I got up, in the dark and made my way over to anonymous phone and cut it off. ugh.

Cold, very cold, and no sunlight, the team huddled together for a couple of group photos. We then chowed down as much ‘hardy’ breakfast snacks we could and made our way to the starting line. I think they had breakfast and I got a banana and cereal.

We moved to the starting line and lined up. It took about an hour or so of waiting before we actually got started riding. Once we were on our way it was smooth sailing and smiles.

The up and down hills were tough and I noticed that you could draft on an uphill! Going about 30-40mphs on the down hills was exhilarating and breath taking.

As I entered downtown Austin, I started to high five everyone on the side lines cheering me on. It was an incredible experience to hear the cheering and have people high five me over and over.

I made it, hands held high, and the biggest uncontrollable smile.

I plan to take the trip again and encourage everyone to.

– Dedicated to mi Tio Pancho – RIP – 7/2011

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