Flight Of the Buffalo Part 2 Book Review

Today I review the introduction to Part 2 of “Flight Of the Buffalo” .  If you read the first post in the series you know that this is a management book that I decided to review for you guys.

PART 2 – The Intellectual Capitalism Leadership Paradigm

Part 2 starts with a short introduction about the new set of responsibilities:

  1. Transfer ownership for work to those who execute the work.
  2. Create the environment for ownership where each person wants to be responsible for his/her own performance.
    • Paint a clear picture of great performance for the organization and each person.
    • Focus individuals on the few factors that create great performance.
    • Develop the desire for each person to own-be responsible for-his/her own great performance.
    • Align organization systems and structures that send a clear message as to what is necessary for great performance for the individual and the organization.
    • Engage individuals-their hearts and minds, as well as their hands-in the business of the business.
    • Energize individuals around the focus of the business.
  3. Coach the development of individual capability and competence.
  4. Learn faster.
    • Learn themselves.
    • Create the conditions under which every person in the organization is challenged to continually learn faster.

End of Chapter Question: What do I have to learn to lead in this new age?

Leadership Solution: Learn the new paradigm today-and get ready to learn a new one tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed this  chapter review and stay tuned as I cover the next chapter

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