Flight Of The Buffalo Chapter 10 Book Review

Today I review chapter  of “Flight Of the Buffalo” .  If you read the first post in the series you know that this is a management book that I decided to review for you guys.

PART 4 -Determining Focus And Direction
CHAPTER 10 – “Focus Provides Motivation”

Customers are where it all begins and nothing happens until somebody buys something.  Customers should be the central focus.  Focus on what should be done on what the customer wants.  Focus tells you what you should not have.  People are motivated: they need focus.  Don’t assume that your employees are not motivated.  Provide the environment where people focus on customers.

End of Chapter Question: How can I focus every person on giving our customers what they really want?

Leadership Solution: Encourage your people to ask their customers. Set the example by asking yours.

I hope you enjoyed this  chapter review and stay tuned as I cover the next chapter

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