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One of the best ways to ensure success is to get an education.  It is the foundation for being able to create wealth and an understanding with you fellow man and woman.  Going to college wasn’t a far off goal.  After a long hot summer working in a warehouse I knew there was a need for two things.  Those two things were a need for air conditioning and more importantly a need for an education.

As a mentor, I advise everyone to get an education and whenever possible to further their education. This includes furthering their careers through higher education in college.  The experience of college is like no other.  You get the chance to learn from the smartest, most knowledgeable professors in the world.  You get to ask them all your pressing questions about specific topics you have always wanted to know.  There is countless opportunity to network with like-minded students, colleagues in your industry, and you get a chance to do some discovery of the world around you.

Discovery of the world around me is a passion of mine, traveling and learning has been a lifelong dream of mine.  Recently with my lifestyle design this dream has started to come true.  One of my goals is to Study in London.   Study London is a site that promotes getting more students to come and study in London.   I’m planning on a trip to Study London to study the history, art, and current culture.  Before taking the plunge I plan to visit Study London for more information on studying abroad.

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