Thanksgiving for all the sweet stuff

Thanksgiving means family, friends, blessings, eating, and doing fun activities.

Family is the most important ingredient in a thanksgiving celebration. They are the ones that will stick by your side through all your challenges. All families are different but all share common traits. They are bound by birth and they love each other dearly.

Friends are like the important side dishes to life. They make life enjoyable and they compliment everything you do. Friends make life live able because they understand you, listen to you, and help you when in need. Well, sometimes they help you…

Thanks giving can be any dishes you want them to be. That is the great thing about this day. You decide what to serve and what your thanksgiving means to you and your family. Of course the traditional dinner is Turkey, stuffing/dressing, maybe a cooked ham, corn, green beans, rolls, mash potatoes with gray, and some of your favorite desserts. Pies, oh, the sweet pies. Pumpkin pie, lemon pie, pecan pie. Yum, yum, yum.

Smile more often, hug one another more often, and live in love as much as possible.

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