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Time and time again we see in the pages of history that many great people’s achievements have been influenced by their significant other.  One of the main influences has be traced back to the stimulation of sex desire

There are countless stories of people rising to power due to a lover, only to crumb after putting that person a side for money, power, and a new lover.

Sex influence from the right source is more powerful than any substitute of expediency which maybe created by mere reason” (Napoleon Hill)

Our minds respond to simulation.  One of the most powerful types of stimulation is the urge for sex.  When we learn to change that excited energy, refocus it, it can lift us up into a higher realm of thought.  This can help us to accomplish things that we set out to do. 

People are influenced in the actions not by thought, but by feelings.

Having the energy doesn’t do much for us.  We have to focus it on a task that we wish to accomplish.  The challenge is learning to re-channel the energy versus acting on the desires for sex through physical pleasure.  Most people never learn that it is possible to use this energy different and thus fail.

Some will argue that the most powerful of all human emotions is that of sex. 

Personal magnetism:  It is a proven fact that among sales people, highly sexed males are the most effient sales men.  The explanation is that the personality known as personal magnetism is nothing more or less just sex energy.  Have you noticed that highly sexed people always have great magnetism? 

Here are a few ways to communicate this to others:

  1. Hand shake – The touch of the hand
  2. Tone of voice – Colored or musical voice
  3. Posture and carriage of body
  4. Vibrations of thought – Mixture of sex and thoughts
  5. Body jewelry – Personal appearance

Transmutation of the sex engery requires much will power, but the practice will give more results that are well worth the effort.  It is possible to practice this daily and to learn to do this over time.

Live happy and successful
– Luke

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