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Welcome back to livehappyandsuccessful.com

First I want to start with a quote on success to get our minds on success and have our thoughts of success constantly flowing.

“There can be no progress, no achievement without sacrifice, and a man’s worldly success will be in the measure that he sacrifices his confused animal thoughts, and fixes his mind on the development of his plans, and the strengthening of his resolution and self-reliance.” (James Allen, AS A MAN THINKET)

Remember that you will need to sacrifice something to reach your goals. You have to make the sacrifice and set a plan in action. I talk about this in more detail in my success manual.

The Ultimate Success State of Mind manual is still being edited by the PHD professor. I’m hoping that when I get it back it will be very much improved from what I had. My buddy Rey S. and I were talking it over and we were thinking of making the manual interactive, more to come on that. We haven’t decided yet, but if you have signed up for a free copy you get any updates free!

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