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Today, 3/6/2012, will mark the day I begin to take my blog in a new direction. The initial goal of my blog was to share my life, my dreams, and my stories with everyone in hopes that I could inspire others to follow their dreams and reach their goals. In having the opportunity to reach out to others, this has allowed my vision and passion to grow.
I wanted to take my website to a higher level and envisioned my blog to be ranked within the top 10 Google results for the keyword search term “live happy’. Currently, my blog ranks between #2 and #7 in Google for those keywords, is receiving donations from my readers, and producing income through Google Ad Sense Advertising.
Through a recent conversation with my longtime friend, Chris Clements, owner of YeeZ Mobile, we discovered that most people need help in different areas in their lives at different times of their lives. When we aren’t happy in one area of our lives we work on that until we are happy with it. For me, this means having more autonomy from my work. My next goal I’m focusing on is making enough passive income from my blog to leave my current job and travel more. I plan to use all of the methods that I have learned over the years as I have studied internet marketing and search engine optimization to build my blog into a viable business.
The first step I’m taking towards my new goal is to finish writing my “Online Journey to Financial Freedom” course. It will be a tell-all on how I currently make money online and give you all the knowledge you need to run your own online business. It will be available as a free download to anyone that is on my mailing BEFORE I complete the final draft. Sign up for my newsletter now and stay tuned. The sign up box is on the top right of my page and remember to check your email and verify your email address.
By doing this I get to share my journey with many of you loyal readers and I hope this ignites the fire in you to take action and start your own journey to financial freedom today.

make money by blogging
make money by blogging

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