My dear friend Andrew

This post is dedicated to Andrew Vargas.  He passed away on last Monday Nov 1.

Today I went to Galveston, Texas for his funeral.  You might be thinking, “wait, this blog is about living happy and successful?”.  Well, yes it is, but even in happiness and success their is another side to the story.

You see Andrew was super successful in business.  His business was growing and he had enough money to “spread the wealth” as he would say.

The pastor at his funeral said something that really hit with me.  “The world is full of bells and whistles.  If you’re not careful it will devour your life.”  It is hard to remember that life isn’t about the material things we can get, but the relationships and happiness we experience as we journey through life.  Through the media and our own capitalistic society we lose track of what really matters and some people think that more money is better.

I would argue that having a loving family makes me the most successful person in the world.  Living my life through what the Lord wants for me and learning to trust in him makes my sadness turn into a fun happiness.

Andrew was such a happy man and extra nice to everyone he came in contact with.  He was a true friend to me and to anyone he met.  He was a class act and today his memory was set in stone.

Take care, be blessed, live happy and successful.

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