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As I meet people in my daily life and they learn about my website I often hear, “Have you read The Secret?”. “Have you seen the movie, The Secret?”.

With a smile and a slight slant of my head my answer is always the same, “not yet and why do you ask?”.

My friends explain that I sound like I’ve read the book and or have seen the movie. The things I talk about are also found within “The Secret”. Things like “The Law of Attraction” and living a successful life.

Yesterday, my friend Paula gave me a gift, the book “The Secret”. I was so happy and excited because I have been looking forward to reading the book. She took the time to pick out a gift that she knew I would identify with and that makes the gesture stand out. Live Happy Tip: When searching for a gift take the time to find something the person will identify with.

As I took the book into my hands I studied the cover which resembles an ancient map covered in writing and it has a red wax seal that has a texture touch.

Just reading over the covers and the foreword has sparked more interest and excitement. Starting this new adventure brings a smile to my face. As I read more I will post again about my findings within this treasure book. I encourage you to pick up a copy and read along with me. I’ve attached a link below where you can purchase your own copy.

Always Live Happy,

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