Happiness is a decision; it is a choice – by Dr. LaSharnda Beckwith – Part 1

Happiness is a decision; it is a choice. We choose how we will react to each situation we face. We choose how we will allow others to make us feel. I realize all too clearly how situations, other people and life in general can cause our emotions to turn to frustration, bitterness and complete anger. I came to realize that when I felt any of these emotions, I was allowing someone else to decide how I would feel. When others made me feel inferior or inadequate, I allowed them to make me feel that way. It took me quite a long time to understand that, I, not them, had the power of my own emotions. I, only me, would decide my worth, not another person. Others may have the power to decide on certain things that affect your life, like home loans, a new car purchase, or whether you get that job or that promotion, but you can look at those situations, see what your part is in it and how you may be able to change your position and do something about it. Make a choice to be happy in spite of what others may try to do to you. Make a choice to be happy no matter what situations you face. Keep in mind that everyone faces good times and bad times, but your perspective during those times will determine how you overcome.

Consider what you have faced, mull over situations in your life. Reflect on them and then think about how you responded only when you faced negative and hard times. Think of how you felt. When you think back, do you believe that if you had reacted differently, your overall circumstances may have changed? Let’s say you received bad news; you were getting laid off from work. Did you become angry, maybe said some bad words, took out your anger and frustration on other people? Went home and sulked and would not talk to anyone and when you talked to someone, you blamed everything on someone else?

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Contributed by Dr. LaSharnda, host of Living Happy Everyday with Dr. LaSharnda and author of  When You’re Happy With You. You can find out more about her at www.lasharndabeckwith.com

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  • Many times I have made wrong decisions in my life. It seems as if every time I made a wrong decision something within me was telling me not to. And guess what? After making the wrong decision, I ended up suffering the consequences & though, “why didn’t I follow that instinct within me?” As a consequence of not trusting God, right now I owe a couple of thousand dollars, and I’m going to work really hard to pay them. The truth of the matter is that we as humans make decisions every day & it is important that we follow God’s given instinct & not trust in ourselves. It is important not to make decisions when we are angry or mad or that are going to hurt us in a negative way. For example, many people are in prison for acting in a moment of anger. Finally, next time we need to make an important decision, follow God’s given instinct, it will make a difference for good.

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