Six Flags, Fiesta Texas, San Antonio| Person Success

It was a  sunny day and like most day long activities I woke up extra early.  In this case at 6:45 am SATURDAY morning.  Yes, it was a sacrifice to not sleep in on a Saturday. Well, our trip to San Antonio was marked with lateness, stops and bad traffic.  We made it safely which…

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Wedding Fun| Live Happy

No,no, I didn’t get married! LOL. I was invited to enjoy my buddy’s Tommy’s wedding in Beaumont, Texas.  It was an hour and half drive, BUT I had such cute company… Weddings are fun, they are happy experiences.  We can learn from the way everyone comes together to share their lives with others.  Not only…

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Moody Gardens – Aquarium Pyramid| Person Success

As soon as I walked in the door to the Aquarium Pyramid, I was overcome by the smell of fish… I guess they want you to have the “FULL” experience when you visit them at Moody Gardens. The Pyramid is only a Pyramid from the outside looking in.  Once inside it is a cool environment,…

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